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Skillpoint — 4/5

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Capsule Computers — 8/10

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"Games We Love: Best Games of 2012" by Google Play

mif2000's Hamlet
The Bard's Tale
Granny Smith
Devil's Attorney
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Subway Surfers


SpazioGames — 8/10

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InternetFreaks — 7/10

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"Best Adventure Game of 2011" by

Hamlet - Best Adventure Game (Best App Ever Awards 2011)


"Best iOS Game" by Mac|Life Awards

Hamlet - Best iOS Game (The Mac|Life Awards - Macworld Expo 2011)


"Best downloadable adventure games of 2010" by

1. Another World
2. The Longest Journey
3. mif2000's Hamlet
4. Avenue Flo: Special Delivery
5. Broken Sword Trilogy


"The 10 funniest video games of 2010" by

1. Octodad
2. mif2000's Hamlet
3. DeathSpank
4. Super Meat Boy
5. Super Scribblenauts
6. Kirby's Epic Yarn
7. Poker Night at the Inventory
8. Back to The Future The Game
9. Dead Rising 2
10. Fallout: New Vegas


"Best downloadable games of 2010" by

mif2000's Hamlet
Costume Quest
Super Meat Boy
Back To The Future The Game


Join The Adventures — 70/100

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TouchMyApps — 4/5

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CNET — 8/10

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Gamere — 7/10

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AppTaco — 3.5/5

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MobileTechReview — 4/5

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appSized — 5/5

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148Apps — 4/5

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iPhones — 4/5

Читайте обзор игры на

iFanzine — 4/5

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appSafari — 4/5

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Apps & Co — 4/5

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Puzzle App — 4/5

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GamePro — 3.5/5

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Slide To Play — 3/4

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Hamlet for iOS. Official trailer

Available on the App Store starting January 20th

"Лучшая отечественная игра 2010" от

1. World of Tanks
2. Полный Привод 3
3. mif2000's Hamlet

Подробнее здесь

"Лучшие квесты 2010 года" от

1. Heavy Rain
2. Alan Wake
3. The Whispered World
4. mif2000's Hamlet
5. House M.D

Подробнее здесь

Гамлет и PC CD-ROM

Русская версия на CD уже скоро

Gamepark — 89/100

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Mad Shakespeare — B

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Alternative Magazine Online — 8/10

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Adventure-Treff — 75/100

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GameShark — B-

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Softonic — 5/5

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PC Gameplay — 70/100

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Adventure's Planet — 70/100

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Review by Greg Costikyan

"It is entertaining, in modest wise; charming in spots; and withal, a light but not contemptible entertainment." Read more

Лучшие Компьютерные Игры — 84/100

Читайте обзор и прохождение игры в журнале Лучшие Компьютерные Игры

Just Adventure — B

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Adventure Island — 7/10

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IgroMost — 8/10

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Canard PC — 7/10

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ПроИгры — 7/10

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Домашний ПК — 5/5

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The Armchair Empire — 7.5/10

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Adventure Corner — 70/100

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Game Critics — 7.5/10

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GameStar — 8/10

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New interview

Интервью для

PopMatters — 7/10

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Common Sense Media — 4/5

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Gamesetter — 4/5

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Jeuxpo — 7.5/10

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Quest Arena — 4/5

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Resolution Magazine — 7/10

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Eurogamer — 7/10

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Интервью для

Preview in Igromania

Читайте превью игры в новом номере журнала "Игромания" №4 2010
(в журнале игра упоминается под рабочим названием "Gamelet")


Working title "Gamelet" has been changed to "Hamlet".
So full game title is now "Hamlet or the last game without MMORPG features, shaders and product placement".
Short game title is "Hamlet" or "mif2000's Hamlet".

Release date

8 April 2010


Production is finished. The release date will be announced later. Stay tuned.

Interesting facts about Gamelet. Fact #4

#4. There is no inventory in the game

Interesting facts about Gamelet. Fact #2 & #3

#2. Prince Hamlet isn't the main character of mif2000's Gamelet.

#3. Boss battles (in a classic adventure game).

The first preview of "mif2000's Gamelet"

The first small preview by

Interesting facts about Gamelet. Fact #1

#1. mif2000's Gamelet is the first indie game in the world based on Shakespeare's Hamlet.